Junior Internationals of Repentigny: Coach Sylvain Bruneau Named Honorary President


Sylvain Bruneau to Honor Repentigny Junior International Tennis Tournament as Honorary President in 2024

Sylvain Bruneau will reprise a new role at the 37th Repentigny Junior International Tennis Tournament, scheduled to take place in 2024, transcending from being a close associate of the tournament since its inception to the esteemed position of its Honorary President.

A press release from the event organizers announced that the annual event, set to happen from August 25 to 31 at Parc Larochelle, would have Bruneau as a titular figure.

Bruneau’s association with the event represents an affectionate homecoming, an experience he is eager to enjoy, given his birthplace roots from Repentigny. He perceived the honor as a natural progression.

“Repentigny is my home and an international event hub. Throughout the years, my work took me around the world. People globally, unknowing of my origins, spoke highly of this tournament and their experiences in Repentigny, affirming the event’s global reach. Each encounter fills me with immense pride!”, Bruneau eloquently expressed in the formal announcement.

Bruneau firmly acknowledges the leaps and bounds the event has made over the years. Deeming the community’s unwavering support as a key to the tournament’s success, he cites Repentigny’s love for tennis and its commitment to fostering talent as reasons for its triumph.

“Repentigny, a city with a tennis-loving population, fully supports the tournament. It’s like the city’s miniature emblem proudly thriving on several courts, an indoor tennis club, and numerous tennis activities. It’s a benchmark for budding players,” he creditably mentioned in a telephonic interview with La Presse Canadienne.

He further added, “Frequently, during my travels with Tennis Canada, coaches and players would mention how they’ve previously played in the tournament–a clear testament to the event’s far-reaching impact.”

“It’s a highly intimate and friendly competition, organized akin to a professional mini-tournament. Therefore, it’s no surprise that everyone savors their experiences in Repentigny.”

Bruneau believes that the tournament’s worth is reinforced by the caliber of young athletes it attracts.

“World-class players like Félix (Auger-Aliassime), Eugenie (Bouchard), Bianca (Andreescu), Denis (Shapovalov), and Leylah (Annie Fernandez) have graced the courts of Repentigny, amongst many other international top-tier players. Therefore, by showcasing tomorrow’s stars today, the tournament holds a high standard of tennis.”

The tournament organizers expressed immense joy for having an honorary president of Bruneau’s stature.

In Benoit Delisle’s words, the event president, having Bruneau as the honorary president will immensely benefit the tournament, which annually witnesses over 120 top global players from approximately 30 countries.

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