Marion Thénault Leads Qualifications Again at Lac-Beauport World Jumping Cup

Marion Thénault Leads the Pack in Lac-Beauport World Cup Jump Qualifiers

Marion Thénault once again proved triumphant in Lac-Beauport’s World Cup jump qualifiers.

In unison with Thénault, Alexandra Montminy, scoring 68.38, proceeded into the finals, finishing the qualifiers in 12th place – the last dip into the forthcoming round.

Thénault, who had claimed a more than respectable third position in Saturday’s stage at the Le Relais Ski Centre, scored an impressive 88.47 points from the judges for her daunting double backflip double twist.

She outpaced Winter Vinecki, who gathered 82.21 points. The American contestant, seeking redemption after a recent tumble which cost her the top position in the global ranking to Australian Danielle Scott, managed to secure a second place on Saturday and landed fifth in Sunday’s qualifiers.

However, for Charlie Fontaine and Rosalie Gagnon, the journey concluded after this early stage of the day. Both ladies, who had participated in Finals 1 the previous day, rounded off in 14th and 15th place respectively.

The men are next to take on the track in their qualifier round. A formidable nine Canadians will take the starting positions, among them are Émile Nadeau, Saturday’s bronze medalist, and Alexandre Duchaine, who places fifth in the crystal globe standings.

On Saturday, five Canadians had advanced into the 1st Final. Subsequently, Nadeau and Lewis Irving managed to qualify for the ultra-final.

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